Setting the tone for our autumn wedding was key when planning the design and decor. A color palette of dazzling pink, pumpkin orange, and cocoa brown was the perfect combination of bright colors and accents that we wanted. The color palette was used throughout the every aspect of the wedding design.

With the first impression of the cocoa brown silk boxes, that the invites were designed in, the tone was set for the event. Adorned with dazzling pink rose petals, and topped with a jewel encrusted buckle guests had already received the first impression of the wedding.

Upon entering the church guests walked up a pink aisle runner and were greeted with our initials, “T” and “D,” hanging on the front of the church doors created out of flowers. The church offered us a great neutral backdrop to create a memorable aisle full of rose petals, tall pedestals with flowers draping down, and a grand arch covered in flowers for guests, attendants, and the bride and groom to enter through. Ceremony programs, and tissue packets were given to each guest as they were taken to their seats to witness the nuptials.

The design was taken from the church to the reception by repurposing the florals from the aisles onto the reception dinner tables. Also the floral arch, and tall pedestals were reused to created a center focal point for the 5 tiered cake to be displayed. Guests were able to locate their seats by using table numbers that were coordinated to locations where we had traveled, lived, and future destinations we were headed. Tables and chairs were draped with cocoa brown fabrics and dazzling pink sashes. Candles, glass beads, and a combination of tall and short floral arrangements created the design for each table along with custom designed menu cards tucked in dazzling pink french folded napkins.

The reception venue offered an outdoor patio that was set up as a living room with cocoa brown sofas and chairs, a pumpkin orange area rug, dazzling pink draped pub tables for lingering, and accented with all of the essentials: lighting, candles, florals, and nature’s night sky. We also located the “Candy Bar” on the patio, which boasted our favorite treats and goodie bags for guests to help themselves too.

A memorable night for all who attended, and a beautiful vision came to life both in marriage and design!

As Featured in Wedding Essentials Winter 2008